The Triang Dolls House Project

 The Beginning - 19.08.2017

When I was a little girl I was super lucky to have a hand me down dolls house, my Grandad had done it all up in the typical off cuts of carpet, normal size wallpaper and for some ungodly reason he glossed the outside bright yellow with green window sills!
I loved it, I remember totally adoring it and playing with it until I was sleepy and dreaming of new décor and the daily lives of the family inside.
When I came of age to leave home I still had this beauty so very happily gifted it to the local children's home as I knew once again it would be loved (feel like I'm telling another Toy Story here)

I've always dreamt of having a house with a red door in the middle! Now I know where that dream began!!

A lot of searching was done and I found out that the dolls house was a vintage triang.
After waiting for one to come along at the right price and not in too bad condition, I finally purchased my vintage dolls house.
I've dreamt for so long of doing it up into a very white/pastel scandi style but I knew only this house would do... and so the journey begins

My little one has already marked out which rooms are going to be which and he can't wait to help me

I've already ripped out the flooring and wall décor, the roof will need repairing and the doors need to be hinged in place or as mine as a child they slid out from the side so probably a good update for those too

I hope you enjoy the journey we're going to make with this

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