Friday, 9 February 2007

finally a spare few minutes...

I've been checking out 'Daring Card Makers' for some time now, and finally found a few spare moments to myself (whilst Riley was asleep) to come up with this weeks challenge!
It's my first go - so hopefully it's okay.

This week at DCMs You are being Dared to make a card that is inspired by 'All Things Media'. The dare has been set by our Gillian:
It's around us no matter which way we turn, and all designed to get our attention. Ads designed by graphic designers who know all the tricks & techniques to draw our eyes to the product in question. You only have to glance at a Newspaper quickly to read headings with 'Shock' titles & 'Clever' puns all designed to make you want to read what the article is all about!Maybe you have been inspired by an Ad in a magazine, the colours or design that has been used. Or incorporate actual magazines & newspapers onto your card; maybe chop up letters (ransom note style) to create the sentimentSo grab that latest edition of your favourite Mag, or pick up your newspaper, because there is so much inspiration there, Just waiting for you to discover!

I took my inspiration from the fact that I've just had another baby so it's all baby stuff and magazines in the house at the moment.
I used some white card stock and basic grey scrap paper, some die cuts for the nappy pin and bottle, and made a small nappy out of felt and a tiny pin.

Check out the other great cards at

Could be a perfect advert for a sleepy baby - lol - only problem been here that Riley loves sleeping in the day and struggles to settle at night! boo hoo - hence so tired and no time to card make at the moment.

But I enjoyed doing the challenge so muach that I will definatley be logging on next week and for the little extra too.


  1. That card is just gorgeous. Thanks for joining in with us. We look forward to seeing more of your cards, if Riley stays asleep of course.

  2. Welcome to the Dares, Deanne... It's always wonderful to see a fresh face, What a beautiful card you have created, great take on the dare.. And what a beautiful little man.. I've been enjoying your slide show.. that Hulk card is terrific!!!Look forward to seeing you dare again... and do hope you get a little sleep...:o)

  3. what a wonderful baby boy - and I love the card too. Look forward to seeing more of your work (baby permitting!)

  4. awww lovely baby card - and gorgeous baby too. Congratulations on the new addition to your family - and a big welcome to the DCM

  5. What a little sweetie (my baby is finally sleeping through the night - there is a light at the end of the tunnel eventually - for now just get that sleep when you can!) Love your card!

  6. oooh I like this ! such lovely papers ! thanks for joining in. And congratulations by the way !

  7. What a beautiful card, I love it! Congratulation on your little bundle of joy, hope he gets into a nap routine that lets you craft!

  8. Well done for joining in with a little one about - I dont think I managed to even be half human after Jacob was born. Love the card and gorgeous picture!

  9. Just beautiful. I love the picture of your sweet baby. You've accented it all beautifully with your embellishments!


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