Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer Holidays Week 1 ...

bowling, pocket money spending in town, refreshments, *super happy me* as my tickets for the portrait gallery arrived! plus whilst the boys chilled with Dad in the evening, I popped out to my pottery class to create a bird feeder! soooo much fun
sleepovers, pizza, games, movies,
another week at home until the boys are off to my parents for a few sleeps ...

Friday, 24 July 2015

Raspberry Iced Tea

I Love Raspberry Iced Tea, if I see it on a menu I have to order it! sadly some are not so nice but in one cafe they served THE most amazing one i've ever tasted so I wanted to try and replicate it at home!
First things first - Iced Tea Bags are THE hardest and most expensive item to find!!! I know it took me ages!
I finally found some here on Ebay of all places

I brewed my tea as per the packet instructions and to get the taste I wanted I roughly mashed up some fresh raspberries, whilst it was brewing I added them, gave them a swirl, had a little taste, added a small amount of sugar to sweeten and voila one happy person drinking her home made raspberry iced tea!
If I'm honest I like strong tea so next time I make this I'm going to use two of the tea bags so I taste the tea even more
Pretty simple really so enjoy

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Its begun

The boys have broken up from school!
The holidays have begun! and of course the so called summer holidays have begun with Rain! not just any Rain, a Downpour of Rain!!!
Before the rain came down, I had a total rethink about what I sold in Vintage Fleur in Kettering and have gone back to basics with handmade and the addition of Buttons...
I'm all set for the carnage that is Summer Holidays!... are you ...

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

This week

is all about preparing for school holidays
The boys finish at 12 on Wednesday for their lonnnggg summer break so to start it off I've booked bowling for Thursday morning then a trip into town for pocket money goodies

Until all that happens, this weekend saw another event this time at the lovely Bosworths Garden Centre which is really local to me, we go there quite often actually either for lunch with friends and family or the fact they have a lovely range of plants and accessories for your garden
Due to my love of Formica I'm selling this gorgeous drop leaf table and matching stools as I have a dream table and matching chairs arriving this week! for in my workshop, I dont have room for them all (oh I wish I could because honestly I'd have a whole room dedicated to formica tables! odd but true!)
The few days I have spare whilst the boys are at school I'll be changing the space around in Vintage Fleur, I'm currently having a large sale in there of odds and ends but this week will see a huge change with buttons and handmade gifts on offer

Monday, 20 July 2015

Fairy Lights

After seeing a great idea in a magazine I set about trying to create something similar myself, so I used fairy lights I already had sitting around and got to work
I decided to use mine to pretty up the kitchen area in the workshop (more on that soon)

All you need is
Fairy lights, fabric, plastic shot glasses, decopatch glue and brush and paper and pencil to create your template
 Using the shot glass as a template roll it to draw a template of the size required
 Cut out your template and then use this on your fabric to mark out the design, I needed 20 fabric cut outs
Brush some decopatch glue onto the outside of the shot glass
Gently put your fabric cut out on the glass making sure you line the edge of the fabric with the rim of the cup, press gently so any air bubbles disappear
You may have a small overhang of fabric, simply add some decopatch glue to this and again gently press closed
Leave on the side to dry
Once dry you then need to add a hole in the base of the cup for the lights to go through
(after much trial and error, this is the way I found the best!)
Using my glue gun (no glue) just the heated end I placed it in the middle at the bottom of the cup and waited as the heat melted through it, I pushed the fairy lights through straight away, as when the plastic cooled it also shrunk a little holding the light in place perfectly
Then look pretty darn proud of yourself because you've just created some pretty fairy lights that everyone will want :)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Running ...

... cause i'm worth it
There are so many lines I could write about why I'm looking into my health and fitness but the basic reason is for me!
I want to be healthier as I have a family to care for, life is too short to wait until another day (which I've done alot 'oh i'll wait till Monday to start that!) Eye openers are what are needed ...
My stepdad was diagnosed with parkinsons a year ago, add that to his mental illness and he's not doing too great
Imagine the stress my Mum has a carer for my Dad, also add in that my 16 year old niece leaves with them too, so you can understand that my Mum has some stress and anxiety issues of her own, so when a recent trip to the doctors not feeling well turned into diabetes, we were all pretty shocked

These were all eye openers for me
I love my family and even though I'm not couch like or ram foods down my throat, I realised things did have to change!

So .. after much searching I found this great Walker to Runner in 8 weeks programme on Pinterest, I liked the look of it as its a good build up and not too rushed (I do NOT like to be pushed to do anything)

I've started, I've got one pen line of crossing out, the first step is the hardest, the first step I throughly enjoyed and honestly wanted to shout from the roof tops!!!
The treadmill is in the conservatory, so staring at a blank wall isnt my idea of fun! Im planning on making an inspiration board to run towards ...

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Shop Tour - Vintage Fleur

Vintage Fleur is another treasure trove of vintage, retro and handmade with the added bonus of a vintage tea room where you can purchase an array of loose leaf teas all served in pretty china tea cups.

Vintage Fleur is a family run business where you will find Jade, June or Jerry at the helm with a few extra helpers too
The menu also offers retro shakes with so many delicious syrup flavours
 Upstairs is where you'll find dens, shelving and crates of stockists, from cute kitch to handmade to vintage clothing to retro finds
 Im loving the new mosaics in there

You can find Vintage Fleur on 54 Gold Street, Kettering, N16 8JB

Openin Hours are Monday thru to Saturday from 9am to 5pm

So when your next in the area, pop in for a loose leaf tea and dont forget to visit upstairs where your bound to find something you've always wanted

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Playing Catch Up!

What a week!
The boys had a teacher training day so were off school (so close to the summer holidays as well!) so we chilled out at home as it rained and rained and erm rained!

I work two days a week in the vintage tea room in town now so thats filling up some time

I had an event with the Lollyrocket girls, my pin pots were the best sellers, which is great as they are super cute and new. The more I do events the happier I am with my stall layout
A few new makes in my workshop too
  ...speaking of my workshop, I try to work one evening a week down there and I'm so lucky that its in a pretty village not far from home, this was the view as I locked up last week *sigh*

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Book Review - My Sisters Keeper

What can I say, I was gripped from the start about how brave this young girl was to take her parents to court over something so huge!
It was such an interesting read and really made you take a step back and look at life in general and some of the issues people have to deal with
I truly read it like it was happening I was that sucked into the book

The end ... well ... I cried like a baby!!! not what I was expecting at all
Well done Jodi Picoult on an amazing first book of yours that i've read...

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Emmaus is a charity working together to end homelessness
My friends told me about this place so I couldnt wait to visit, I armed myself with lots of donations of books and home items and off we went
Once we'd  donated all of our goods we went off the lovely bistro to fuel ourselves with tea and toasted teacakes, then we hit the sale areas and I have to say I totally loved the place, how it was set out, how its helping people find their feet in the world again, fantastic.
The Boutique was quaint with lots of clothes, jewellery and shoes
The linen area was huge and I was in my element in here
Given half the chance I would have carried this baby out under my arm! but sadly it was not for sale!
The furniture is fantastic and such good prices
The bric a brack was fun too
There are lots of Emmaus Charities spread over the UK, find your local one here and help make a difference

Take some time if you can reading through the website as its a really interesting read on how it was originally founded in France and now its a worldwide charity - fantastic