Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Friendship Flowers

My lovely friends new puppy sadly got run over last week, thankfully she is okay, very poorly and had lots of problems but after staying with a specialist vets she is coming along nicely
I helped as much as I could at the time and at the weekend they bought me some flowers, I really wasnt expecting them as its something any friend would do right!

Cant wait to see Poppy home, walking liking bambi on her plaster casts

Monday, 22 September 2014

Simpler Life - Family Room

I decided to start decluttering properly, I looked in each room and thought about its purpose and how it was used
I started with the living room!
 Living with a welder means when we see metal artwork its generally a must have purchase!
 Who needs dozens of cushions on a sofa when you have a fluffy shih tzu pooch!
This is our tv room, our family room, our huddle in the evening room, we still need a few more essentials like a large mirror above the fire place and more family photos (on new unit once found)
We still havent found the perfect unit for in the alcove but until then a retro table will do, as this always end up as my home craft corner as its kind of out of sight (sometimes!)

Our nintendo wii hadnt been used for so long so I donated it to my gorgeous niece who was more than happy to rehome it, on the plus side when we visit we have something fun to all take part in

I feel decluttered in this room! Its made me feel very happy! very happy indeed!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tudor Dolls House Project

I found a little beauty on Ebay in the form of a vintage handmade tudor style dolls house, possibly made around the 1950s
The story that goes with it is charming enough itself!
It was originally owned by a lady who is now in her 80s, the lady I purhcased it off rescued it over 20 years ago when a nursery school she worked at was going to throw it in the skip as it looked so tatty! She took it home and put it in the loft ready for her future children, when her daughter was old enough she took it down from the loft and realised she hadnt done anything with it, but it was still played with for many years, including up until recently when the lady in question was also a childminder so this beautiful tudor house really has been well loved and played with by children for many many years
My plan is get her up and running again, I cant wait, I'll share my progress...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Handmade Paper - again

but this time with the little one
This was a school holiday treat for both of us
He loves drawing and when I told him we were going to make paper he was a little excited to the point of jumping around!
Once the papers are dry they look so different
We're currently deciding what to do with rileys, I'm thinking a wall art of sorts will share once its all figured out

Friday, 5 September 2014

Simpler way of life

..without losing the techno geekery!!

Does that even make sense!
Sometimes I just wish for a simpler life!
Pleasure when cooking, eating at the table, baking our desserts, creating a family but relaxing garden, a healthy home (I can feel a BIG declutter coming on), washing drying on the line, walking to my studio and work, the boys happy at school, 'simply' pushing them a little further with homework!

Is it a routine Im crying out for!
Less Stress (we all want this surely)
Is it a make do and mend lifestyle that I'm aching for
Can it be achieved even though we still have techno geekery in the house like games consoles and mobile phones!

After spending the school summer holidays at home and no routine in place this could be why i'm aching for something easier and more organised
After spending 10 days in France travelling, relaxing, camping and having fun this could be why i'm aching for more family time

Its not like all of the above doesnt happen, sadly it just doesnt happen enough, life gets in the way in many forms which stops the simpler life from emerging

I need to change this
I am going to change this
This will happen...

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bonjour & Au revoir

We did it
We survived our family holiday in the South of France
We started our journey on the Ferry and an overnight stay in the cutest little bed and breakfast
Then drove to Lege Cap Ferret for our luxury tent holiday
 A day out (on the way) to Bordeaux ended up like this!
Thankfully a broken car not an accident and thanks to amazing travel and breakdown insurance our holiday could continue - and so it did
We used VacanSoliel and they were fantastic, the park 'Les Viviers' was amazing
Then we made our way up north to Tours in The Loire Valley for a few days to break up the journey home
We used EuroCamp and the park was Le Parc de Fierbois this time and they were fantastic
I read two amazing books whilst away, the fault in our stars had me in tears on the ferry home! trying to hide my wet face behind a book was not working!

We loved this outside the ferry arrivals lounge in Ouistreham
After 10 days of sun sea and fun we made our way home
I'm now running around making sure all is ready for the school terms to start all over again

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Crochet Ric Rac

I found this great tutorial for ric rac and added it to my crochet pinterest board
Once you get started you can literally go on and on and on, its a really easy pattern to follow and a great addition for upcycling a project
I made a metre of each colour and spent the time blocking each one so they looked better and held better once sewed on to my project
Once I use them I'll share my project

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Taking a break!

Taking a well earned family break away
Be back soon

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Restocking !

I managed to get a few more items made up and I found some vintage and retro crockery to add to our My Little Vintage space (you can read about it here)
Our dresser is looking lovely and full now
I'll be back restocking it next month, I cant wait to see what else Debbie is adding to it too
You can visit My Little Vintage here on Facebook

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer Holidays - Part 2

The boys came home from nannys house and for a week the weather was not kind to us, downpours of rain, thunder and lightening on most days kept us indoors
We had movie afternoons
more paper making (more on that on another time)
brownie making (hummingbird bakery recipe of course) not all for us, some was gifted
fishing with little nets in the local brook - loved it
Play dates at the park
and of course more crocheting from me
 These holidays are flying by, we're super saving at the moment for our french holiday so its lots of free days out and staying in for us until we go - which is very very soon - super excited