Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Our Garden Space - Welcome

The garden is HUGE, like totally huge, it can and will be a fantastic space for our family but at the moment its a bit here and a bit there!
We've removed a fair bit of 'rubbish' like falling down aviaries and the spikiest plants i've ever seen in my life! A ridiculous ivy growth which was suppose to be some sort of a walk through! it didnt work at all!

The easiest way Ive found to sort this space out is to section it off! They will more than likely not be done in order as it depends how much work each space needs!
I've drawn up a plan and everything! Lets see how it comes together over the next year!
This is a panoramic view of it from the back of our garage (sun was too bright)
So here it is again from the fish pond area!
The fish always bob along to say hello :)
We've made a start!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Tiny Stitches...

...and lots of them
Its a job to be honest I've been putting off for sometime!
When we moved into this house (*cough* 3 years ago) the curtains were left here, there a beige suede effect and really match the room and I like how they fall to the floor, the big but though is that they were dragging on the floor and it was quite annoying!
So I got my pins out (finally) and needle and thread and set to it!
I couldnt afford to have them turned up professionally and there was no way I was attempting to do it on my sewing machine either! So just a simple turn up is what it called for
and voila, oh my goodness, I really should have done that sooner!
Are you putting a simple but tedious job off! Arm yourself with needle and thread and strong cup of tea and a spare hour and it could be over x

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Smiles

Have a wonderful Easter Weekend

Pretty vintage picture in my easter pinterest board here

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fun in the Sun

With changes happening and space needed, i'm selling off alot of my 'projects' outside my shop over the next few days :) Its a little exciting to be able to have items outside in the sunshine, long may it continue...

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Upcycled Bottles

A friend was selling off a lot of apothecary bottles so I grabbed a few whilst I could
I decided to upcycle them by using some chalk paint and napkins for decoupage!

I love how individual they all are because of their sizes and shape
Super simple to recreate so here goes

You will need
apothecary bottle (or any glass bottle), chalk paint, sandpaper, napkins, decoupage glue and brush, oddments of lace buttons etc
*Make sure the bottles are clean and dry before you start, then paint them with one coat of the chalk paint Leave to dry (I left mine overnight)
*Rub down with a little sandpaper over any embossed wording
*Using some pretty napkins remove the top layer as you'll only need that one (mine were 3 ply ones) you can either cut the flowers out like I did for a few of the bottles or cut out sections so your working a larger peice of napkin
*Paint some decoupage glue onto your bottle and  add some of the napkin, gently with the brush press down the napkin so the top is covered with decoupage glue also (be careful at this stage as the napkins can tear easily if they get too wet with glue)
Leave to dry

Leave them painted and rubbed down with a little sandpaper and tie a little ribbon and pretty heart around the neck
I have lots more bottles so I intend to add a little lace, felt flowers and buttons here and there too!

Told you it was super easy, you can use what you more than likely have in your craft stash and they make a great decoration for your home
The lights are just super pretty in my studio/office x

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fun with Pottery!

Me and the little man had another pottery session this week and we had fun!
She has the most adorable cat called Puzzle which is always a pleasure to see because she really loves cuddles
Riley attempting the potters wheel himself
Once we'd finished playing there left to dry a little
Then we get to paint them and then we leave them with Stephanie for a couple of weeks whilst she fires and glazes them in her kiln

We have so much going on with Riley at the moment that taking him to places like this and spending fun quality time together can still be hard work! He likes very much to do his own thing, he likes very much to go his own way with his own direction in his mind! So when someone is trying to explain to him how to work something he's just not listening! Which sometimes is tough!
But luckily Stephanie is amazing, shes so patient and understanding that I cant thank her enough for her time

He was awarded the messiest potter though - ever!
 My creation from our first visit together - my hug a mug :)
 If you live local to Northamptonshire, Stephanie runs her pottery sessions from her home studio, she has chickens in the garden and her gorgeous cat puzzle is always around to say hello
Check out her facebook page here

Monday, 7 April 2014

Instagram Catch Up

I love love love instagram I do!
You can follow me here

Its now the start of the Easter Holidays so we have lots of crafts planned! The Boys are off to see Nanny for a week too so lots of household plans for me too!

Heres a peek at a little of what we did last week
-Date night with my little dude! his destination of choice! Mcdonalds
wobbly teeth and new teeth all at the same time!
M&Ms just because...
Lots of woolly and felt goodies on the go!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mothers Day Smiles

Have a wonderful Mothers Day

Quote in my pinterest board here

Monday, 24 March 2014

Craft Destash

After running a few craft destash events last year and knowing how popular they were becoming, I've set up a few dates for this year too, but this time on a Sunday afternoon which seems to be an ideal day as the first event was this weekend and it turned out to be super super busy - phew
(I always panic in case I havent done enough to get people through the door)
I run these events as its a great way to declutter yourself of craft supplies that you no longer use and want and to refuel a new hobby you may have started

I was quite reserved this time around by buying only a few things! some large frosted bags for my shop as bags are always a must for sales, I shared a large box of scrapbooking goodies with a friend and the rest out of the box that we didnt want will be donated to school for the kiddies to use, and I got a few magazines etc

I can relax for a few months now before the next one - phew