Thursday, 16 October 2014

Odd jobs and all that jazz

Sometimes this blogging malarky doesnt get on, but it doesnt mean i'm not thinking of my blog, because I love it, alot. Sometimes life just gets in the way, cooking, laundry, family time, housework, creating, catching up with 24! (currently only on season 4 of 10!) animals especially the old moggies, always got my eye on them and everything else inbetween all of that!

Things like fresh home cooked meals, slimming world style
Reading a new book

 Finally sorting through this lovely lot of odds and ends
Creating a library in my studio for people to use, its great when people bring in donated books as I love looking through them all and putting our stickers in them
Finally getting the courage to switch on the sewing machine and use it!
and so much more odds and ends of life ...


I had no idea of all the behind the scenes planning!
My gorgeous man surprised me, as I'm turning 40 in December, he is whisking me off to New York!!!

New York! for a whole week just us two!!!! My Mum is looking after the boys here at home
I'm so excited it means I will actually turn 40 in New York!
Planning Planning Planning of where to go, our hotel is right near Central Park... I am SO EXCITED

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Restocking - Vintage Fleur

I popped along and stocked up some more in my biggest space in Vintage Fleur
I still have so many items to 'finish' which can then be in my little den, I love it in here, its like a mini shop space
Its certainly looking fuller now
 A few halloween treats!
 Dolly Peg Couples
 Lots and lots of knitting and sewing patterns
 Colourful grannie bunting
I'll be back again very soon adding more to my little space
You can find Vintage Fleurs facebook page here

Friday, 10 October 2014

Restocking - My Little Vintage

I popped along and restocked the space I share with my lovely friend in My Little Vintage
I had a good shuffle around, and now I am armed with a list of items to create and find for that there space

I'll be back there again at the end of the month with more new stock
You can visit the My Little Vintage facebook page here

Monday, 6 October 2014


I held another craft destash and I have to say it was fun, the tables were full with promising finds and people started turning up before the opening time!
The first hour is always the busiest then slows down to stop near to the end, its only open for 2 hours which is just enough time for lots to be sold

My purchase of the day was this gorgeous old suitcase and its contents which also included lots of vintage patterns
Heaven I tell you - Heaven

Vintage Fleur - Exciting new shop space

I'm super happy to say that I have a fab little den in the new Vintage Fleur (previously Lollyrocket) on the high street in Kettering
Closing my own independant shop has given me the chance to really concentrate on my own personal handmade business, I love to create so many different items so I'm hoping this is going to work for me!

This is currently the largest space I'm selling in and I love the idea and fact that I can go and arrange it with new stock, it also means I can sell larger items of stock which is super exciting for me

I started off with a blank slate, the back wall was already wallpapered with a floral design which I decided to keep for the moment and adjust at a later date

I had just over a months notice so I've worked super hard to get a supply in there, I've got lots more to add over the coming weeks and months which i'll of course share and update on here
You can visit Vintage Fleur on facebook here but if your local you can pop in to the tea room downstairs and then finders keepers upstairs and if your a musical buff you can visit rocket records right at the top on the second floor

Friday, 26 September 2014


My moggies are getting a little aged now, I've spoken about them sometimes on here but at the moment they are giving me the run around
My black cat is now blind and going deaf! (or selective hearing like a teenage child) when he doesnt come in at night time I panic as trying to find a deaf/blind black cat in the dark is impossible!
Thankfully I found him and I had a strong tea and calmed down!

My moggies mean alot to me, Im not just a lover of cats, I love my boys for who they are and the fact they've been there for me for 15 years
In times of need when they were kittens, they made me smile by clawing their way up my new curtains and sitting on the curtain pole!
How Gizmo use to sit on top of the fridge so when you opened it he attacked you with his quick action claws!
How they were my alarm clock way before my alarm needed to go off by padding my face with their paws as they were hungry or wanted to play!
How when I was sad they would all pile up on my lap and purr heavily to calm me down
These boys are more than just cats, they are my friends, my secret holders, my heart...
The custest sign in the world made by my lovely talented friend Stephanie, visit her facebook page here

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Ever heard the term

bred like rabbits!
I can see this cute bunny not been the only one that I create :)
This one was gifted to my friend to cheer up her day
The pattern is from this fun blog here

Friendship Flowers

My lovely friends new puppy sadly got run over last week, thankfully she is okay, very poorly and had lots of problems but after staying with a specialist vets she is coming along nicely
I helped as much as I could at the time and at the weekend they bought me some flowers, I really wasnt expecting them as its something any friend would do right!

Cant wait to see Poppy home, walking liking bambi on her plaster casts

Monday, 22 September 2014

Simpler Life - Family Room

I decided to start decluttering properly, I looked in each room and thought about its purpose and how it was used
I started with the living room!
 Living with a welder means when we see metal artwork its generally a must have purchase!
 Who needs dozens of cushions on a sofa when you have a fluffy shih tzu pooch!
This is our tv room, our family room, our huddle in the evening room, we still need a few more essentials like a large mirror above the fire place and more family photos (on new unit once found)
We still havent found the perfect unit for in the alcove but until then a retro table will do, as this always end up as my home craft corner as its kind of out of sight (sometimes!)

Our nintendo wii hadnt been used for so long so I donated it to my gorgeous niece who was more than happy to rehome it, on the plus side when we visit we have something fun to all take part in

I feel decluttered in this room! Its made me feel very happy! very happy indeed!