Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 6 and 7

The weekend passed by in a blur!
Man of the house went out on his new bike! came home very very muddy!
Me and the boys kept nice and warm in home watching movies and playing games

Sunday was a nice relaxing day too for all of us
I popped out for a couple of hours with a friend to the My Little Vintage fair at our local garden centre
I know so many people that do these events now its lovely to have a quick catch up with them
(Emma from The Dotty Dog Company and Michelle from Button-It)

They even chickens too
I must admit also that Bosworths (the garden centre) have out done themselves with their christmas decorations this year, especially the frozen section!
Thank you for reading along with my week of me! 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 5

The start of today was going to be all about an extra shift in the pantry, a new hair cut for Riley (much overdue) but instead I have a poorly boy at home, cuddled up on the sofa in his dressing gown with a sick bowl not far away from away
So inbetween cuddles i've done housework, dodged the rain to the laundry room (its in the garage) and baked!
I also started on a few mini crochet christmas hats with the idea of putting a chocolate in each
I Prepped my blog for when I'm away in New York (Have I mentioned I'm flying off for a week! I'm still slightly giddy with excitement!)

To be honest nothing much else was done, all the plans went out the window with little man at home, but at least we got lots of cuddles time!

Friday, 14 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 4

Its a busy day today - Thursday!

This morning I stocked up and moved a few things around in my den in Vintage Fleur,
I also met up with my lovely friend to have a morning cuppa and catch up whilst we were there, I'm really taken with the chai latte, its my most favourite drink at the moment
Then headed out to My Little Vintage after lunch to do a restock and shuffle around there too, I share this space with my friend to cut down costs and to be able to offer more handmade and vintage in our small space
Although it looked like a fun day, which it was updating my areas, it then became very stressful, with the school siblings photo not going very well at all! then a meeting at school once the boys were home as Jack is having a few issues which need to be addressed!

I sat down on the sofa and finished the basics of a christmas stocking gift I'm making for Riley! Can you guess its going to be!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 3

Wednesday means again my lovely little job in The Warkton Pantry, we're adding lots of christmas stock to the shelves
I finally sorted out photographs of all my current handstitched brooches that are available, heres a peek at all of them
A wet and miserable day means the heating is on at home
A toad in the hole nice hot filling winters dinner is on the table
Baths ready for siblings school photograph tomorrow, although I doubt Riley will look spit spot at the end of the day!

My eyes are super sore at the moment so a call into the opticians to make an appointment is on the cards tomorrow! 

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A week in the life of me... day 2

Yes its Wedsnesday I know I know! a typical day for me! I left my mobile phone with all my photos on at work! so here goes! 

Tuesday means by lovely little job in The Warkton Pantry but the morning always starts with setting up breakfast ideas for the boys so they can choose what to eat, that gives me time to have a very strong cuppa tea to wake me up and print off any orders from Not on the High Street that have come in over night
I had to pick up some more ceramics stock off the lovely Stephanie on my way to work, its always a pleasure as you get such a great greeting from all the animals
Sort out all the cakes for work! (its a difficult job *drool drool* but someone has to do it!)

Get to an IEP appt at school about a little one!!

Packaging parcels
School run, snack, homework, cleaning and getting dinner on
Back to school at 6pm for a parents evening with little one
Home for dinner and then telling Daddy all about little ones report

To be honest after today i'm a little knackered, man of the house was poorly in the night but went to work at 5am! I'm sure he spoke to me but its all a blur! So we snuggled up for a short time and then sleep was calling!

Monday, 10 November 2014

A Week in the life of me... day 1

I thought for fun and something different I would document 7 days of what little ole moi gets up too...

Today is Monday and typically not a normal day!
I'm travelling back from a girlie weekend away (more on that next week)
I've missed the boys, my man, my pets and my home but i've also had a fabulous break away

The majority of the day was spent driving home from Chinley in Derbyshire, we were quite literally in the middle of nowhere and had beautiful scenic views
Then real life started to happen again..
Home cooked dinner
Reading & Bedtime Cuddles
Snuggles with my man as I super missed him this weekend whilst watching episode 1 of series 6 of 24!!!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Creating a Yarn Bowl

Myself and a friend like to book ourselves in for a pottery session once in a while, this is about the 4th time now and I knew that I wanted to create something that resembled a yarn bowl!
I'd seen so much inspiration on pinterest that I just had to give it a go

We used Stephanies traditional potters wheel which you kick and had a good laugh trying to move our foot and hands at the same time! (its quite difficult you know)
I made my bowl and let it dry a little before scratching in the words yarn a holic and marking out where I wanted the yarn to come out, I also added some holes opposite that to hold some crochet hooks in place

This is a peek before it went in the kiln
and this is it now its been fired and glazed
I LOVE it, I'm so proud of how far I've come with making something that actually looks like a bowl!

Stephanie sells her own creations on facebook here

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Playing catch up...

Its been a tad busy here...
Half Term
 Hospital Appointments - the dreaded smallest waiting room in the world!
 Halloween - dressing up and attending a fireworks show
 Spiderman came for tea! alot
It was the MK Handmade & Vintage event at the weekend so I popped along to see a friend of my selling her gorgeous creations (we're planning on sharing a stall next year - very exciting)

 I took her off for a coffee break and now I so want a fabric tree after seeing this in John Lewis!
 The boys are back to school, I'm back in the pantry and the studio, but also packing for my annual crafting weekend away with the girls, this time in Derbyshire - very excited and counting the sleeps, only 2 more sleeps...

Guy Fawkes

These are the fireworks we saw at the weekend
Enjoy Guy Fawkes night
Remember to keep safe
Remember to keep all your animals in doors as they will be so frightened

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Selling my wares!

I attended a craft fair on Saturday ran by the two girls Hayleigh and Michelle from Lollyrocket
It was a really successful event and I was so pleased I was invited along to sell there

If I was been honest though I was really nervous as its the first event I've done for so long as just little ole me!
I wanted so much to have a better display than I previously have and I really like with what I came up with, its simple and worked (plus the fact the table was only 4' really helped)
I used the vintage suitcase I got the bags of yarn ends in (thats a soon to be project) and a cabinet (another on the go project) trug and basket
It kept it all contained and I have to say I went home with far less than I arrived with which was a really big confidence boost for me