Tuesday, 13 February 2007

This weeks extra...

Well i decided to give this weeks extra on the 'daring card makers' blog a go, Riley sleeps so well in the day!!! so I had a moment to myself to come up with this.
This weeks extra is 'back in time - 70's style

My inspiration for the colours was taken from my first rented house!!! God that house was bad, everything was green and brown floral, nightmare....
I've used some shimmering brown cardstock, angel kiss flower, green scrap paper and lots of doodles...

Hope you like...


  1. well, that bad wallpaper inspired a lovely card, so at least something good came from your memories of that house!

  2. Oh It's completely wonderful...
    I just love how you've arranged the letters!... very nice Deanne.

  3. I love the colour combo, simple and elegant.

  4. I love brown, but I didnt so much back then.
    The card is great.
    One place I rented had bright gloss painted red bathroom walls I had a headache every time I went in it!!!

  5. Whats not to like - the card is fab. Well done.

  6. fab card, that paper is lovely - cant imagine your nitemare wallpaper though hehe

    ps congrats on the recent birth of your DS2

  7. What a gorgeous card, just lovely, thanks for sharing.

  8. What a gorgeous card, just lovely, thanks for sharing.


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