Thursday, 16 August 2007

Great British weather...

You really cant fault it can you! It never lets you down.
Thats why i always have a kagoul under the buggy ready for Jack to throw on - lol.
Yesterday we popped to Fermyn Woods Country Park, just to get some fresh air, and out of these four walls. We had a great long walk, played on their new park - which is great I must add - it was so sunny, I could feel myself burning, it was great, then the Thunder came! 'Right-o kiddies lets go get a cuppa and biccy' (they have a lovely cafe there) and no sooner had we sat down, the heavens opened.
Thank god for Jacks kagoul, cause he had no other coat - lol.

Does make you think though, as I walking round I took a few photos and I cant believe that there are such gorgeous walks and countryside just a stones throw from where you live.

and look at the groovy new swing they have... want one!

poor Riley, he just wants to get up and run around with his brother so much, you can really see it, but he's bound to his buggy for now..

Badly forgot to do my Chop photo for the HS-MS blog - will play catch up tomorrow. x

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