Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Her space - My space

I found a great blog, which I thought would be very helpful!
I only have a Kodak C330 and just want to learn to take as good a photos as I can with it, and you never know, I may one day treat myself to a fandabbydosey camera - one day...
Her Space - My Space is a challenge blog
Take a word, take a picture. A blog to share snapshots of everyday life with no props and no limits. Just plain old fashioned photography in her space and my space.
So here I start it! I've attempted the last three on the blog and hopefully daily will continue to play along.

Pasta ~ An italian food made from dough ~
Drive ~ To operate a vehicle ~ not really happy with this but it was chucking it down and my interpretation was suppose to be ~ BMW the only way to drive!! lol
Thread ~ A long strand of fibres ~
I've not done much crafting the last couple of weeks either, because of the house been upside down!!! but I can slowly start to bring the craft stuff out again - lol
Here's a sneak peek of what I'm working on at the moment

... and hopefully these scissor holders will go down well at craft fairs and possibly ebay

Well that was a long post, I'll leave it there for now x


  1. Welcome to HSMS. I particularly like your pasta shot. Love those little scissor holders. I'm sure they will go down well on ebay or at a craft fayre. Good luck with selling them.

  2. great to join !! like your photos and what a lovely siccorholders

  3. Welcome to HSMS, loved your photos and those scissor holders are just brilliant!

    Lin xxx


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