Thursday, 6 September 2007


Feast - A large meal or a plentiful supply, show us 'feast' in your space today.
As I'm doing slimming world its quite difficult to find a free or low sin ready made meal. Today has been hectic, I walked to my local craft shop to find out it didnt open till ten! so I had to hang around outside for 25 mins... I missed lunch, dont ask me how, cause I was starving, the time just flew... and then picked Jack up from school and went straight to Tesco's for a large food shop... hence my ready made meal for a quick dinner
Its a Birds Eye steam fresh salmon fillet in dill sauce with pasta, and its my favourite ever, and its allllll FREE...

and why is it!!! I ask... when your partner (not fiance as he still hasnt popped the question) is on nights, the kids play up! Jack was put to bed at 7.45, as its a school night, that may be late in some peoples eyes, but Jack is terrible, he doesnt sleep straight away, unless completely knackered, so I put him up early so he can colour, relax and then sleep. But nooooo not tonight, up down up down the stairs for no particular reason, I then also have Riley screaming in my ear for nearly two hours, not settling at all... Hence the tears came, from me that is... silly cow eh.

Soooo just to make me smile, heres a pic of my sleeping babies whilst at Nannys in the holidays, Jack actually fell asleep in the middle of the day! and Riley is asleep, but always has his eyes on you, lol.

TTFN, I'm gonna have a cuppa and go to bed, an early one for me, I am exhausted. xxx


  1. Ahhhhh!!!

    And your feast looks good!

  2. Feast looks yummy and that's a brill shot of your boys! Soooo cute!


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