Sunday, 16 September 2007


Busy busy busy... Firstly the take for HS-MS today is 'Show off Sunday' which means any pic we want/are proud of etc pop onto your blog. This is what I have chosen today, its from our holiday in Cornwall and its not a perfect photo shot, but I love it because of the colours and just how busy it is.Ask all who know me, I truly loved our holiday there tons and tons and I never stop talking about the place, this photo was Newquay!

Also today was another fair, I had the help of my bestest buddy Cazz, and in all honesty the positive feedback was fantastic and has left me feeling great about my designs, website, costs and generally the fact that I must be doing something right! So thank you to all at Stoneleigh Wedding Fair today.
Me and Cazz also saw a fair few 'fall in love to die for' wedding dresses, I certainly know where I'll be getting mine from! Also at last weeks wedding fair, in the magazine was 'the' most beautiful colour, apparantly green is very in this season, check this beauty out!!!

Right I'm off to bed, I have a busy day tomorrow, making and sending lots of samples out. x
Just want to say thank you again honey for your help today, means alot. Big Hug x


  1. I like your SOS shot. Lots to see and look at.

    I agree - that dress is gorgeous!!

    Good luck with all the samples!

  2. Fab SOS photo and it is lovely and colourful.
    Beautiful green dress so unusual:)


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