Thursday, 4 October 2007


I've started a few dares today but I had a bad night so to be honest I am feeling a little uninspired. I've only got some finished ATC's for my swop on Clares forum to show you I'm afraid, more later or tomorrow hopefully, if I get a chance.

Both of these again were all from bits of stash here and there, and the inspiration came from a couple of cards I did a few days ago. The challenge was christmas and pink! There you go...

HS-MS today is Mesh ~ A material made from a network of wire or threadsI love the little 0-3 tag! As you can tell this is my washing tablet bag, and it is also empty, which means I need to get off my bott and get some laundry done! So ttfn x


  1. haha..great take on the prompt..

  2. Love your take on the word. The cards are cute!

  3. Fab ATCs and useful little mesh!

  4. Fab atcs :)

    Oh that bag brings back memories!! Well, not that particular one obviously :D

    My kids used to take mine to hold whatever they were collecting at the time. Coins from petrol stations, strange lil plastic things name which escapes me at the moment, Pokemon cards . . .you name it!!

    And yes they were over three :)


  5. Great take on the prompt and i love your ATCs.

  6. Great mesh! Your cards are pretty too!

  7. Very inspiring Christmas cards...!!


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