Monday, 5 November 2007

HS-MS ~ Sad

Now we're going to focus on emotions but we can't use the human face to reflect that. First up is sad.A wierd photo I know, the only thing that really makes me sad in the house is this! Rileys bedroom, everytime we try to finish it, something happens or comes up, we only need to paint one wall! You wouldnt believe how hard it is to get round to doing it? The light blue is done, just need the darker blue now (where the white currently is).
Dont get me wrong, I have other sad factors around me but you cant really show PND through a lense I dont think,but on a good note, the group I attend is great and has helped me alot. Sadly it finishes this Friday!!!
Hopefully when we get to a 'happy' emotion I'll be able to show you his room complete - hehe.
Jack had art club after school and drew me a beautiful fireworks picture.
Riley is currently asleep on the mat in the living room and Terry is in bed with the flu!
Ummm might get some crafting done then when Jack in bed!
Till tomorrow - night night x


  1. I have a whole room like this! My bedroom . . . it hasn't been decorated in 15 years. There's was some progress a few years ago but things slipped and so we have also this effect going on.

    Hey maybe we could start a new "distressed" type of decorating trend . . .then again :)

    Great take on the prompt.

    Hope your PND starts to improve soon. ((hugs)) Sue

  2. Oh that is sad. Come on girl get it finished!

  3. Things like that do get you down.

    I had PND for 4 years, only just got off my meds in the summer. If you ever need a chat, leave your email addy on my blog, I wont publish it. Take care


  4. We could even meet up, I'm only in MK. Just realised where you are!!


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