Tuesday, 13 November 2007

HS-MS ~ Snip!

Um Snip I've tried but I really cannot think of anything other than scissors! sorry...Jack use to go to a childminder, she did lots of pre-school work with him, but on this particular day, she said how much he had struggled with using a pair of scissors. So I had to be honest and say that he had never used scissors, I'd never even considered letting him use some, even plastic ones! The danger flag use to go off in my head, still does actually - lol.
I felt so bad as we use to do so much craft stuff at home anyway, I rushed out to buy him some, hence above, and to this day, hes never bloody used them, cause there rubbish!!! lol


  1. I used to childmind and found that the plastic scissors where a load of ..... so know how you feel. :~) xx

  2. Love the colours..my DD is pretty good with scissors, but all that came with lots of practice. I show her how to pass them and how to carry them.

  3. Shame they turned out to be useless - but at least Jack couldn't hurt himself with them.

  4. Yes, rubbish and such a dissapointment when the child tries to use them :(

    Great photo though. I was lucky today with the prompt :)

    bye for now . . . . Sue

  5. Lol, great picture with great colours anyway ;-)

  6. Fab shot, those scissors never work.


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