Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas and Oooh Mary...

Mary Poppins was awesome, really awesome, every bit of it I enjoyed, the singing was fantastic, the acting and the dancing, the stage storyline, the stunts!!! brilliant infact its SuPeRcAlIfRaGiLiStIcExPiAlIdOcIoUs
I finally put my christmas decorations up last night!!! lol Last year I was even later, because I was heavily pregnant with Riley I was in no mood. Jack was super excited when he woke up to all the decs which was lovely, his job is to put the angel on, and considering shes been in a box for year, she looks rather spiffing - ya -
Heres a few other favourites

I love each year getting new chrimbo decs, I bought this angel/heart garland from the card making evening I went to, just need to find a hanging space for her

I'm doing really well with my Journal too, its not up to date but I've either sketched what I need to do or the pages are just waiting for photos. I'm actually in front with todays prompt though, I made a mini book last night to hang off my journal, and I've decided to use it for today which is all about your christmas tree!!! I'll post once finished.

Thats it for the moment. x

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