Saturday, 15 December 2007


Milton Keynes was good yesterday, only just recovered, I was shattered today! For the amount of time we were there, it didnt show it in shopping bags!!!
The christmas display was awesome though, there was me (obviously) Riley, Cazz and Lexie, going oooh and aaaahhh.
The christmas scene was of Wind in the Willows and was brilliant, very magical. Sadly not all my photos turned out because of the lighting in there, maybe one day I'll get a super duper camera.
This is the nativity scene which was gorgeous

Heres Toadand for some reason I just love this photo of the merry go round, it just feels really magical hehe
I love this shot of Riley too bless him, very orange but who can resist that face
how adorable, a poorly boy who has a cold and quite possibly teething but still always smiling - bless my little baby.
Whilst in Milton Keynes I had a bear made in the bear factory, the new addition to the family is Freddie, who is sleeping snuggly in his dino box ready for Riley to adore on Christmas morningToday I've been busy and have nearly finished all my handmade pressies, only gift bags and final touches to go - so I'm super happy about that.
Me and Jack are having a christmas craft day tomorrow, snowflakes, paper chains, christmas crackers - so excited about that.

Show you pics tomorrow I dare say. x

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