Saturday, 19 January 2008

Sketch this: Cards & HS-MS

This is my take on Sketch this: Cards 37. Another plain and simple card with the Sassafras papersHS-MS - a few days behind due to internet problems.
Number - An arithmetical value expressed by a word, symbol or figure.Dangle - To hang or swing loosely. (will add photo later today)
SPS - This is from my 365 days of me. I'm really not into photos of myself to be honest, so this 365 challenge that Anna Louise Bowkis is running is really helping. I update my 365 blog a few times a week, so please keep checking back on it.

Our gorgeous little fella was ONE yesterday, we are having a party tomorrow with family, I dare say next post will be photos of that.
I still cannot believe he has gone from this (taken less than an hour old - there were complications when he was born so couldnt take a photo earlier)

To this - a right mucky little fella who has the devil in him sometimes - lol



  1. beautiful self portrait :) lovely numbers! happy late birthday baby riley :D

  2. Lovely of Riley- nice to see a man enjoy his food!
    Your SP is beautiful, :-)

  3. My granddaughter just turned 1 and I can't believe it. Goes so quickly! Anyway, happy birthday to Riley! Love the numbers photos and your sps. Flower just adds something-very nice! x

  4. awwwwww, it's so sad how quickly they grow isn't it... my baby was one last week :(

    Great sps

  5. very nice sps! and a happy birthday to riley (^_^)

  6. My "baby" will be 25 next month--and his sister will be 28 in August. Enjoy every minute and keep shooting those photos. Wish I'd been into this when they were little. Your sps shot is fabulous.

  7. Amazing Self portrait very beautiful. Happy Birthday to Riley. It goes so quickly! x


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