Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Do you know what -

- I've had a really shite day today. Not much sleep at all last night, down to both the boys, no sleep today as Riley not really settled for long at all! and its been constant crying. A bad bout of teething and his jab have made a very hard job for Mummy to get through the day.
But I have - well its only 9.30pm, theres plenty of the day left yet - I've had a few moments of not feeling too good.

Thanks honey for your texts - you know who you are!

I amazingly found five minutes to re-do my blog. What do you think of the new look. Thanks to Lora (she's also on the Am I a scrap addict Design Team) she gave me the pointers of where to go as I like her blog page so much - so thank you Lora.

Nothing to really show today as I have really had no time at all to do anything else. Hopefully the postie will have a few items on there way to me - soon - then I'll be able to share some new projects I'll be doing! All for me too.

I'll leave you with my photo from Day 18 of my 365 days - it was a real thinking prompt and funnily enough it was Rileys birthday, it was nice to have a moment by myself and reflect on the year gone past and Rileys birth.


  1. Technically, you aren't supposed to.... but it's in the HTML part... you can scroll down through and find the link.... :)

  2. Beautiful ,vibrant colors!!!! Love it!

    Hope you have a great evening, Deanne!!!


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