Saturday, 2 February 2008

HS-MS catch up...

Organise - To arrange things and allocate a place for them.Its not Jack thats this neat! Its me and my obsession for things to be in boxes - lol
Everything has a place!!

String - A linear material often made from twisted cotton or hemp.This was the only thing I could find for todays prompt - Jacks birthday balloon - held by a sort of string!

SPS!! A little twist today...instead of SELF portrait Saturday ,i'm declaring today...SOMEONE else portrait Saturday...just for a change!!!

I've cheated with this one, only because I've been sorting through some holiday photos of when Tel went to Cyprus, and I really like this one. x


  1. Well done with the catch ups- that balloon is fab! And your organise was similar to mine, dinosaurs etc in drawers...:-)

  2. Great the Lightning McQueen pic.

  3. Oh that's a cool catch-up collection! I did the sps wrong... ahead of myself this morning.. did it before I read the blog! ha! x

  4. Excellent catch up :-) I have been away too BUT just started back with today's prompt! Well I thought it was today's prompt! LOL

    Great shot of Tel . . .would love some of that sun right now :-)


  5. Greta shots - especially love the balloon

  6. I bet we all wish we were sitting somewhere sunny with a drink right now. Great shot. x

  7. hi! just popping by from Singapore :)

    it's truly great to be organised! unfortunately i'm still telling my little ones to pick up their toys! :D

    love your shots!


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