Monday, 3 March 2008

Crafting Break!

Auction bag for Ellie still at £7.50

I've had a crafting break over the weekend, been busy in the house and then as a family on Sunday. Off we went to Fermyn Woods again whilst dinner was cooking, just the remedy to blow the cobwebs away.
I feel like I've slept well this weekend too, earlier nights, even a nap today whilst Riley was asleep. I feel pretty much refreshed, the best I've felt for awhile actually, it feels good!

I'm crafting tonight though to make up for it, some atc's I need to get done, another canvas order and I'm doing some new projects for my first craft fair of the year on May Day.

So nothing crafty to show you, but i kinda like this photo, its a flower from my Mothers Day bunchIt felt really spring like today too, sunshine beaming through the windows, really gorgeous, and my daffs opened up too
Back to my projects after my cuppa. ta ta for now x

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