Friday, 7 March 2008

Teggers Fairy & HS-MS

My lovely little soldier today had his visit to the hospital for the removal of teggers, what was suppose to be two turned into three!! The nurse kindly told him that she would email the tooth fairy to kindly let her know that there is now one more tooth!!!
Poor tooth fairy, she'll be bankrupt at this rate!!

I cannot believe how much I have crafted this last few nights, but alas still nothing to show due to finishing touches required!!

HS-MS playing catch up with yesterdays too
Jar - A wide-mouthed container made of glass or pot to contain food
This jar did use to have pasta in! Now it holds my threads - hehe
Badge - Insignia to advertise, show membership of or make a statement with
It doesnt look like much of a badge at the moment, but it will be next Sunday when its taped to me! Our Slimming World group is doing the crazy hat walk for breast cancer awareness, its about five times around Wicksteed Park!!! I dont have a name for badge as I dont know anyone personally that has gone through this - so if anyone would like me to add a name for them, I'll gladly write tons of names on my badge with pride for you.

Something which I found rather funny!!!! My best mate Cazz has finally got her blog off the ground, lol, she's been doing a course once a week at her daughters nursery and they had to make a box!!! She chose Dora the Explorer as her base!! lol Check it out - all the girls at the nursery said it looks more like a blow up doll!!! To say I couldnt stop laughing was an understatement... Love ya honey lmao x


  1. Great badge, great cause. Thankfully I don't know any names you could add. x

  2. Good luck for your walk next week Dee. :) :)

    Great idea for your thread storage.

    Hope your little soldier is fitting fit again. :) :)

    Debbie x


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