Sunday, 16 March 2008

What a day ~

~ Today was the Crazy Hat Walk breast cancer appeal (note: should have been Crazy Weather Walk) but our Slimming World group, along with our kiddies in tow completed it. Not a great picture of myself - hence the try of editing!! lol These were our hats we were wearing today, mine is gorgeous wallpaper samples I had stuffed in a cupboard, it was suppose to be an easy origami project hat! Believe me, its got a hundred more staples than what it requires!!! lol All in the name of fun though right - we got soaked but the kids muddled through it and were great, we got Avon goodie bags at the end of it and Jack was so chuffed because he got a certificate and medal, which he is proudly taking to school to show and tell in Easter assembly. Bless him.

I have some ubber exciting news, I'll tell in a moment. Some sad news though, my Aunty is very ill in hospital and the doctors doubt that she will pull through. I've spent a fair bit of time on the phone to my Mum, to try and give her comfort, but its so hard isnt it to know what to say!

As a family we went for a two hour drive to Norfolk this afternoon, to make a very important decision about an addition to our family!
Meet Wicket
who will be joining our family on the 29th March! hehehe
Wicket I hear you ask - well dont you think he looks like an Ewok!!!
Isnt he just adorable...
There were two puppies, I loved one, Tel loved the other, so we let Jack decide - he picked mine - hehe x


  1. He is so sweet ...... you should have got both of them.....

  2. Bless, how cute. How will you cope with another male in the house.... LOL


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