Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Thats the word today for HS-MS here's my take on itWe've always got tools hanging around the house and garden!! Drives me nuts... but at least I've got a handyman kinda fella so I suppose I cant complain entirely.

I made this stitchery which I think is kinda cool, its up for sale on my website now.Finally Wicket walked on his lead, just around the block but better than lying down and flatly refusing to move the other day eh! lol

Thought I'd end by sharing another puddy cat of mine - Apollo - (all three cats are brothers from the same litter they are nearly nine years old!)Its 'phat' club night tonight and unless a miracle can happen between now and weigh in I dare say I have NOT lost at all!! Oh well - on doing I suppose.
Just so annoying, I have a hen night in four weeks and a wedding in six!! Come on that should be enough motivation shouldn't it! :) x

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