Friday, 16 May 2008

Top or Bottom!!!

This afternoon I was making lunch, and I found myself in a spot of bother! Why is it we have a certain routine for things.. take this for exampleNow the egg was done before the bacon!! but I could not bring myself to put the egg on the muffin first!! Why is that... It HAD to be the bacon first then the egg... bit like which came first the chicken or the egg!
So what would you do if it was you!!! lol :) Something to think about lol

As for this little kitty - oooh she's off to a new home shortly - she's even packed her case look.


  1. Deanne - you are so make me laugh!! but I know what you mean - bacon has to go first..... my egg would have to wait and probably go hard!!!
    Where is Miss Kitty off to - she looks great in her wee frock!!

  2. Well it would be the bacon and no egg for me........... I do like eggs but not in a sandwich although I could certainly have eaten and enjoyed this one as it looks delicious!

    Hope Miss Kitty is happy in her new home LOL


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