Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm back

Well our holiday certainly started with a bang - half hour before we left the freezer went to electrical heaven, so I had to leave my Mum defrosting it and throwing out all the food!

Halfway to Cornwall and we experienced all drivers nightmares - bang - hiss - steam!!!! and coasting onto the hard shoulder! Yes, we broke down!!! lol Because Tels dad was following in his car, we took his and went onto Cornwall and he happily waited for the RAC, who were fantastic I have to say - we've had a hire car from them all week and they will deliver our car back to us this coming week at some point.

Last Monday was the worst weather day for our holiday as it rained all day, I recvd a phonecall from Mum stating that my growhouse with all my lovely gorgeous seedlings in for the allotment had somersaulted up the garden! she saved as many as she could! then she fed the rabbits and broke their water bottle so had to go out and buy one!

Whilst cooking our first meal in the delightful cottage, the gas ran out!! lol so she had to come out and change that for us! and it took an age to figure out the oil central heating! but we managed it in the end.I bet your thinking surely nothing else could have happened on that - but it did, the number plate fell off the hire car! and our journey home was yet another memorable one - you see my bestest buddie was having her hen night! and I'd organised it so you can see I HAD to be there...

Well I'm sure this photo is gonna tell you what happenedWe sadly left the holiday cottage at 9.30am, now remembering that I had to be ready by 6.15!! we finally got through our front door at 5pm!! lol

We didnt mind the fuel protest we are all in favour of it, I just panicking as I had booked this blooming sparkly gorgeous limo for 6.15 to turn up at my house!!! to then turn up at Cazzs to surprise her with! I think she was surprised...
Oooh yes another thing - the limo actually turned up on the Friday night! lol they'd got the date down wrong!!!

A wicked night had by all - more photos will follow of that and of course my holiday... x

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  1. What a series of catastrophies although it doesn't seem to have spoilt your holiday.

    So glad you arrived back in time for your friend's hen party and a good time had by all

    Dee X PCJ's


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