Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Summer Workshop

Summer - more like blooming rain season - anyways to brighten up my day I started to play catch up with the Summer Workshop that the Bad Girls were running at the weekend - I've chosen a handful of classes that I'd like to complete, and I cant believe I managed to complete two of them this morning?

Pandoras Box by SriAll products used were from my May kit
This is a gift for a friend who have recently got married, they will need to add a small photo! as I dont have one of them both - yet.

Days to remember by IrisMost products used were from my May kit with a few embellishments from my April kit also.
I'm gonna keep this one as its nice and pretty and girlie - which just aint me - but I do try - lol

I apologise for the photo quality today, the weather here is awful and so dull!

Really enjoyed making these, once done I popped back to nursery to pick Lexie up and got soaked again! So much for Summer eh! Nevermind - I've got fat club tonight and woh what a weight gain I'm gonna have, dont care though, had a blooming brilliant holiday and thats what matters.


  1. Two gorgeous projects Deanne! I'd love those sat in my studio xx

  2. Oh Deanne - Wish I could do these - how amazing all the elements you put together and it just looks great!


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