Sunday, 15 June 2008

Thank you

whoever it was who made the weather so gorgeous yesterday... considering the forecast was rain rain and more rain - again I say thank you...Yesterday my best buddy only went and bloody done it!! she married her man - ahhh how sweet - we were so proud and honoured to be their witnesses but nervous also.
All six - yes no typing error - six of their kids looked scrummy pink and gorgeous in their outfits and my little ones didnt look too bad either.This is their gorgeous little girlie that I help look after sometimes whilst Cazz is at work, isnt she a babe...

I'm proudly using Lexie for my HS-MS sps and sos photo of the weekend, because for that girl to stand still long enough is a miracle - x


  1. Lovely pictures. I'm glad the weather stayed nice for you all. x

  2. Deanne
    what a lovely family photo - you all look so happy


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