Tuesday, 29 July 2008


A way to say bye in weird and wonderful gaga language, HS-MS today is 'Wave' I'll show you the gorgeous Fistral Beachoooh Cornwall, sniff sniff, I'll be back soon oh dreamy sweet love of mine...

Whilst I wipe away my tears of been torn away from a place I love dearly, I'll show you some of the crafty goodness I've been up too -
adding the finishing touches to theseand handcutting and distressing 30 of these!! My Mum is 60 in October and I'm doing her invites for her special friends as they are having a bit of a bash! ...

Back to slimming tonight! Hope the scales will be able to take it! lol x


  1. man, you have been such a creative cookie! Your photos are looking exceptionally brilliant too. Deanne, you are one clever girly xx

  2. How wonderful, your wave and crafts! Love them!

  3. The ocean shot is stunning. Love the weathered wheelbarrow too!

  4. Fantastic wave shot - I love yesterday's weathered too!

  5. I love the Cornwall beaches - lovely shot.

    Love the paper/card you are using for the butterflies. Going to be lovely invites.

  6. Great wave :-) I could run, well dawdle but it doesn't quite sound the same, across the sand and in to that water . . . super shot.

    Great wheelbarrow for yesterday weathered too.

    Read several posts before commenting. Hope you are feeling a little more up now. It's quite hard sometimes to work out what to do and how things will fall in to place.

    A lot of bloggers I have met get exactly how you feel, the little glimpse of their life through their blog can often look very different from what is going on. Blogging is a great outlet :-)

    Take care and hope SW was good :-)


  7. Have always wanted to visit Cornwall,your wave shot is fantastic, as is your weathered wheelbarrow :)


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