Monday, 14 July 2008


after saying last night that I'm taking a blogging break, it wasnt for long was it!! well I am taking a break really this is just the update really I should have put on here yesterday!
I've made a few decisions over the weekend about me and how I'm feeling. So for a few weeks I'm taking a step back to look at everything and what I do and figure out, out of all of this what I need and dont need.
I'm taking a break from slimming world, so the pressure is off there, my consultant is fantastic and really understood where I was coming from when I emailed her, I will most certainly be back though, just need the break to, well, like I said, step back for awhile.
Ive been having a huge craft clearout, I'm selling my sizzix machine, loads of dies etc, the link for it is here. I've been jotting down what needs to be done around the house (you know the little diy jobs that never get done but get you down!) and just generally sorting sorting sorting.
Hopefully an early one for me tonight as Riley playing me up!! ttfn x


  1. Hi Deanne - good for you taking a step back to reappraise you life and what you are doing with it. :) :)

    Hope the rest does you good and you come to great decisions that will benefit you tremendously. :) :)

    Good Luck - will pop on and off to see what you are up to when you return. :) :)

    Take care


  2. De sweetie i could tell from your email the other day that you are not feeling quite right so i will email you later and cheer you up ;)

    hang in there chick we all get down from time to time but you do have people who care ;)

    big hugs trak xxx

    ps check out my jasper on my blog that will put a smile on your face ;)

  3. I would have put a bid on my ebay item but I am in the states. I hope you sort yourself out and come back to us! Do what is best for you!

  4. hola chica
    I do not know where that field was although its nearrgrapston.
    Ring tracy at this addres to find out where it is:
    and tell her i sent ya xx

  5. Deanne
    they say a change is as good as a rest - Taking a step back will do you good.
    Hope to see you back soon

    Take care



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