Thursday, 21 August 2008

Five things I'm loving right now...

but before I show you those todays HS-MS is the letter Q

So what five things are you loving right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am addicted to thisand I mean seriously addicted, I can feel tattoo number three coming on!!!

If you dont do fruit and nut theres something wrong with ya

still need to figure this out but love all the shots so far

adore all the new basic grey range, who wouldnt!!!

and I'm gagging for one of these!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy

ttfn x


  1. Love your Q~
    I love the starbucks shot though the best!

  2. Wow, as I kept scrolling down, every image had me more excited! Love Miami Ink (and LA ink with Kat Von D)... love Toblerone... love that Basic Grey (that I hadn't seen before)... and who doesn't love Starbucks, seriously? Thanks for a little burst of happiness on this wet afternoon! x

  3. Hmmm Toblerone - can't resist that :-)

    Great Q too!

  4. Great "Q" shot
    I am a Fuji user, love them :)


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