Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yes my honeys home! hehehe I was like a little kid sitting in fat club knowing that he would be home when I got back :) Missed him tons.
Lost an amazing 2.5lbs this week too, how happy was I! Believe me thats good for me in one week! lol

I was asked to do an A4 size Wedding card (for lots of peeps to sign) and believe me it was a Labour of Love! So much space to fill... hopefully they like what I came up with in the end!
ttfn x


  1. Fab card Deanne! Love the PP on that butterfly.

    You've been tagged over on my blog so go check it out!

    Lisa x

  2. Deanne

    this is just beautiful - so unusual and love all the leaves and flowers




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