Friday, 1 August 2008

To knot or not to knot!!!

Yesterday saw us doing a bit of thisbut Riley didnt quite get the hang of it!!!Today was a leisurely stroll to town, and a visit to see Jacks old childminder, who I miss greatly, I miss our daily chit chat about general life, I miss her input with Jack and mostly I miss her, a really lovely person, and most certainly the only childminder I would trust with my children. So a great evening was had, especially by Riley running riot in her garden and Megan on the trampoline and of course - gossip!!

HS-MS today is Knot (Knot on wood) have a weird tune going round me head now!! (My summer house which will be up soon!)
Thats it finally! Blogger not been playing today at all!!!

I have a weekend of my fella at home, tomorrow evening is already planned, meal and pictures with friends to see this

Toodle pip x


  1. Lovely knot shot and a great pic of Riley :)

  2. Potato stamping fab and very cheap.. kids just love to make mess and i see riley's no different hehehe... glad to so you are going out with tel... you make sure he buys you extra big popcorn ;) have a fun night hun
    hugs trak xxx

  3. Awww...Riley is so cute in that pix. Poor mommy has to clean up all that mess. Neat idea with the potatos.


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