Monday, 15 September 2008

bag a bargain

if you can...
Yes we popped along to the Car Boot, dont you just love it when you can bag a bargain!!! Couple PS2 games for a fiver will 'hopefully' keep Jack happy for awhile..
I as per my last post did not end up doing my own car boot thanks to a little man named Riley who was awake all night! Thankfully at 4am Tel said 'Bo****ks to the car boot' lol and amazingly after that I believe we got a whole hour or so sleep :)
Oh how weary we were....

So after our morning in the fresh air I came home I realised that everytime I try to do a 'sale' its either raining, lots, or we're kept awake all night! So the majority of the stuff went on Freecycle, half picked up last night, the rest going tonight - sorted.

Only some baby clothes and baby bits to get rid of now - much more space in ones bedroom :)

Loving Freecycle....

Last night I popped along to see Rosie to again sniff through her adorable patterned papers :) Oh what a night lol
We've challenged each other to do a couple of LO's with each others photos... Umm cant wait to see what she comes up with.

As for the book I'm reading 'The boy in striped pyjamas'I first saw it over on Tracies blog and well, its fantastic, i'm loving it and i'm defo gonna go and book seats or a single seat lol, although I'm not too happy at the fact I've just checked and the nearest cinema showing it to me is 41 miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Happy :(

A defo read for anyone though x

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  1. Sorry you didn't get to do your car boot Deanne. It's always the way with kids isn't it? They seem to know when you really need a good nights sleep and then just hijack it. Hope you get a better nights sleep tonight! :-)


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