Saturday, 11 October 2008

Suffering :(

I am so suffering right now, the flu was bad enough but now I have a very sore ulcerated mouth (suffer quite a bit with this if I'm run down ((no cazz before you say it, its not due to rude reasons!!!! I am truly ill)) )
So the household is quiet! Well quiet of my mouth anyway, I've been busying myself with Autumn cleaning, blitzing and de-cluttering - still..

Its our 5th week for Rosie Dee's Challenge, so pop on over here and check it out, and maybe even join in.Have you got your circle, square, pink and glitter ready for your card!

I mentioned the other day about recycling last years christmas cards to make them for this year, I really enjoyed making these and have now sadly ran out :( so need to find more so I can finish my list off
Just simple white cardstock with scraps of patterned paper and the recycled card cutout :)
Off to do more decluttering x


  1. Lurvin' those recycled Christmas cards hun!

    Oh, and I'm not visiting you / opening my door to you until you are bug/infection/lurgy free!

    Get well soon hun xx

  2. Try gargling / swilling your mouth with soluble aspirin (you don't have to swallow it) This helps get rid of bacteria etc.

  3. These are very cute.

    Hope your mouth gets better soon.

    Fe x

  4. Hiya Deanne
    Well these cards are stunning!
    Really grab your attention!
    Hope your mouth gets better soon!!
    I get an ulcer reappearing on the same spot every so often and it is bloomin' sore!



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