Thursday, 23 October 2008

There is a website called 4000 Saturdays and daily they send you a quote so you can think about life now and not dwell on the happenings that you cannot control within the world.
I really liked today's quote so much so that I thought I would blog it
Gratitude. The minute we become grateful for what we already have in life, we shift our focus from a constant desire for more to a realisation that we can have a much higher quality of life with less. There is no greater love we can give to our children and their future.
Today, write down five things you are grateful for and see how different it makes you feel.
  • My children - who have made me the person I am today
  • My partner - for loving me whatever mood I'm in :)
  • Choice - for the choices I've made so far
  • My health - after suffering with depression I am thankful with myself that I can now control that
  • Simplicity - I love our family day to day existence, it may be boring or simple to others, I am so grateful for our family life, including the ups and the downs :) That's what makes us who we are

Back later with crafty goodness :)

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