Saturday, 4 October 2008

What a day!

Today - What a day!
Today was the trip to Gullivers with the beavers for the Jamboree weekend.
Today was a long day for me and a bloody difficult one too, thanks to my gorgeous little fella, I think if I try to type it all I will just bring it all back and not be happy.
Today I realised more than ever my little fella needs more confidence and the desire to try new things, and I have to figure out how to help him accomplish these things.

A few photos to share from our day...

Jack on his horse!Cazz and family getting very wet - againYou should have seen her getting in it!!!!! :)The boysand the slide gang :)Lexie was a star, she wanted to go on everything and thanks to her I got a very wet bum on the log flume :)
It was freezing cold today, as I'm typing this the wind and rain sound hectic outside.. Me and Cazz hugged our latte's with such passion lol only just warming through now.

Thanks for popping by x


  1. Jack is such a lovely little fella, and you're a fab momma to both him and Riley!!

    Good job Gullivers wasn't today, eh? It's peeing it down out there!


  2. Fabulous photos Deanne. Thanks for sharing. Gullivers is such fun for the little ones isn't it?!


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