Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Mixed Emotions

What a day - its either filled with joy then smack me down to earth, joy - earth, joy - earth...

Riley had his Christmas party at tots today, although the flash had to be used I love these photos of him today, he pulls some of the funniest faces
Tel liked this dont know why, mind you i'm not really into photos of me, but gotta be doneMy hair appointment has turned out to be rather expensive!! I rarely go to Northampton now, and I parked in a side street, came out from the hairdressers and I had a ticket, considering a lorry was parked in front a tiny sign stating half hour parking and there was no yellow marking as it was worn out (I photographed this as proof) so not a happy bunny
Other shit but bla bla bla
Oooh Riley got his fringe cut (only his fringe will have to show that tmz) bless him.


  1. Northampton Traffic Wardens are tossers Dee! We got a ticket when Will parked in a residential street so I could use the loo in a nearby shop when I was heavily pregnant. He could see me waddling back down to the car and still had a smug bastardness look on his face when he apologised for ticketing us!

  2. You can contest the parking fine in fact there is a website you can go to
    Hope that helps.
    Fe x

  3. Actually I think this one may be better

    Fe x


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