Saturday, 20 December 2008

Still recovering from flu-ish symptoms and now I'm left with a barking cough! which I'd like to add is keeping me awake at night so I'm generally knackered.
Tels off work though so we toddled off to Milton Keynes on Friday just for a look round, they have a gorgeous winter wonderland show on again in the fairytale theme this year
this is my favourite
bought some gorgeous goodies for our bedroom, had lunch and that was about it really
The highlight of Friday for me was finally going to see thisAfter a few minor/major problems regarding the tickets I calmed down, had a lovely dinner with my friend and then enjoyed the movie, obviously no where near as good as the book, but all in all a great film and guess what! I'm seeing it again Sunday morning with Rosie :) Two doses of the gorgeous Robert Pattinson, how ever will I cope :)
We finished off our Christmas shopping today so only the food left to buy now, I'm feeling very organised and up to date and stress free - at the moment.


  1. Hope you are feeling better Deanne. I just love the dragon in your photo, he looks gorgeous.

    Thank You for all the lovely comments you have left on my Blog this year...I've a little something waiting for you to collect on my Blog!!

    Take care & have a Merry Christmas & a healthy, peaceful 2009.

    Happy crafting.

    Love Gez. xx

  2. Hi Deanne, i do hope you start to feel better, that cough kept me awake too!
    Great minds think alike on the fairies!
    have a wonderful christmas
    anna x


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