Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Why me!

Last night we decided to do one of Jacks Christmas presents, you know the ones where you get to make something and in my own words 'more fun than a computer game!'

It resulted in an hour and a half of thisduring the patient waiting we played two rounds of dinosaur snap, and made six mini clay Ben 10 aliens (you can slightly see them in the right of the picture)Finally the smallest alien in the world emerged! What fun... lol

We've also had a bit of a battle on our hands this Christmas time, Tel bought me my long awaited GHD's for Christmas
from (if you can call them this) a reputable dealer of 17000+ feedback on Ebay, to find out whilst registering them, they are in fact Fake!!! We are now battling as they want the ghd's back before they refund us! and we're like 'er I don't think so, refund me then you can have them back!'
They weren't really any different in price!!! we just had a voucher to use and that's why they were purchased on Ebay. Never again...
So there we have it, a great end to 2008

Hope you have a wonderful New Year, I doubt we'll be too merry, as I'm still feeling rough on and off :(
Here's to 2009, a bigger and better year than the last :)

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  1. I love the concentration on Jack's face Dee!

    Get hold of Trading Standards, see if they can help you. You know my feelings on the robbing buggers!



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