Thursday, 22 January 2009

nearly time

Its takes so long to upload photos, edit and add text in Etsy! as there is no 'similar stuff for sale' button, you have to re-do each and every item for sale! I've gone and shot myself in the foot too, after ringing Inland Revenue yesterday because I've called my Etsy store a different name to my website I now have to fill out TWO tax forms!!! Grrr

My little man is still very poorly today, was very sick in the night and running a high temp, he's cuddled in having a snooze at this moment in time - bless my little monster.

This was my all time favourite book when I was little and read it over and over again, I loved this cat so muchI got a bargain at amazon, I purchased a board book version of it for £0.01p, yes 1p and a couple of quid postage and it arrived today :)

'There is no friendship, no love like that of a mother for her child'

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