Monday, 19 January 2009


On Saturday Rosie and I were playing around with our cameras, and I seriously think I've cocked up the settings on mine somewhere! they just come out blurred, even though the settings were the same as Rosie's camera mine were so much darker! :(
anyways, I still love my camera just obviously need to learn how to bloody use it better :) which is quite difficult when the weather is so rubbish at the moment.
With regards to my blog title, I could have quite easily ripped that Nikon from her neck and ran off with it, shouting mine all mine and cackling as I ran down the street with it! lol

Rosie got this gorgeous photo of my little munchkin who is now officially a toddler (can his tantrums really get any worse!!!)In my last post I forgot to mention about an incident in the smallest cafe in the world (or so it felt) on Saturday whilst out. We had ordered our lunch and there was a moaning minnie behind us stating that's not what she thought her food was going to be and to take it back and she'll make do with a crumpet!
Just before she left Riley was getting a tad annoyed cause he was hungry and was been a little noisy! Hey is a toddler remember, and suddenly from the pit of this woman's stomach she did the loudest cough ever!! and muttered 'For Goodness Sake!
Can you believe it! I couldn't! I really could not believe it, and I didn't even had a chance to query her sudden outburst as I was in proper shock! as to where the rest of the cafe! lol

So until I run out of quotes about Mothers I will add one here on my blog each day :) just to remind us how important our roles are even through the ups and downs and coughing incidents :)

'A Mother's love is like a circle. It has no beginning and no ending'


  1. 2 things....

    1. Step AWAY from my Nikon Dee!

    2. Witches cackle - oh yeah, you would, wouldn't you? mwahahahaha!

  2. Great shot of Riley. Hope you get your camera sorted soon. How annoying for you in the cafe, there are some very rude people out there.
    So mine isn't the only one to start his tantrums before his 2nd birthday!! LOL
    Onwards & upwards. xx


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