Saturday, 10 January 2009

Poor baby

My little fella yesterday fell over and hit his eye on a book! he proper scrapped the skin off and I was thinking at the worse that he was gonna have a black eye but fear not he woke up this morning, still puffy and red but thankfully that's all.We went to view another nursery for him today, just for once a week and well - its great, so much better than the hell hole I looked at the end of last year - urgh - this one is warm, friendly, colourful, all the children seem happy, Riley will be happy because he will also get a cooked dinner there too :) but the best thing, Riley loved it, he was taking in the colours the whole time we were there and loved the gerbils too.

On a crafty note over at Easy Craft Projects is a calendar which is easy enough for kids to make, simple quick and a gift at the same time.Pop on over here where you can download the instructions.



  1. Awe, poor Riley. Must have been an awful shock to you both when he hurt his eye. It happens so quickly doesn't it.
    Nursery sounds promising, can Ofsted recommend any??
    Sending you both big hugs. xx

    Loving your new header. :o)

    Gez. xx

  2. Aw poor Ryley..Glad he is ok:)
    Love your calender TFS:)~X~

  3. Hey! Guess what? You were one of the winners on my fabric giveaway.
    Be sure to send me your postal address - details on my latest blog post!


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