Wednesday, 14 January 2009

super duper

Don't you just love bowling, I do, two games is certainly enough especially when 3 kids are just letting go off the dam ball, oh the amount of times Cazz and I winced at the echoing sound of that ball been dropped, in between us chit chatting about our farms on facebook!
Its a surprise too how well you play when you start to think of someones head as that ball... I got a fair few strikes and halves for that :)
Jack very patiently waited for Daddy to come home before opening more presents**somewhere along the line I think I've screwed the settings up for my camera, although I doubt the flash helps! 98% were all blurred last night :( very sad)**
This boy loves his Laa LaaHow funny does Wicket look! Very tiny... don't let that fool you cause he's massive!But the boys had a good time, the evening began at MacDonald's, well for some of us it did!!! (You see my idea of McD's is near the supermarket, everyone else's is in town) hence poor little Sol getting no dinner, other than a Wimpy from the alley (which come on, you cant count Wimpy as dinner can you?)Jacks chrimbo pressie in the form of a ball - one very happy boy with that.and when we finally released Riley from his chair

a late night but a good night had by all, Jacks friends are popping round after school for cake as we didn't even have time to munch on that.


  1. Looks like Jack had a fab time hun!

    Will give him a hug when I next see him.


  2. Looks like you had a great time.

    Hope Riley's bumps are all better.


  3. Looks like you all had fun. Wicket is sooo cute!

    Were you able to print out Midnight Sun? I can't seem to print it when I open it.



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