Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Whats in your 6th box!!

The lovely Lori (I'd like to say we both have adorable shih tzus hehe) has tagged me, here's the deal with what you have to do

  • go to the 6th file in your 'my pictures' folder

  • post the 6th photo

  • explain the picture

  • then tag 6 more peeps :)

Well this is our gorgeous E30 bmw, Tel built this from scratch, it started off in a grey chassis then we got a black one, he built the engine, welded in the leather interior, everything you can imagine, he did it to this beauty.
Whilst I was pregnant with Riley this was my vehicle for work, and believe me it roared!!! everyone could hear me coming lol Even when I was heavily pregnant I carried on driving it, but due to it been lowered! I use to practically get out on my knees!!! lol ~memories~

Anyway recently we sold it :( a very sad day to be honest because we both did love it loads, but the last thing it needed was a complete respray which sadly we just could not afford :( so its now been re-sprayed bmw racing green! has roll bars in it! and is going to be a track car, so she gets to live once more.

So I tag, Rosie, Elaine, Kirsty, Emma, debbie and claire

I bet you'll be shocked to see what pictures are there girls :)


  1. OMG - mine's ultra, ultra boring!
    I tend not to use the My Pictures folder because it doesn't get backed up so I might bend the rules slightly!

  2. Funny how we get so attached to our cars...never mind at least it got a new lease of life xx

  3. Awesome car! That's cool it was built from scratch. LOL @ getting out on your knees. Sorry to hear you had to sell your car.

    I can't wait for New Moon to come out. I hope the new director does a good job and doesn't mess up the movie. I hope they make movies for the entire saga. Did you hear Dakota Fanning may play Jane? Did you cry when you read the Breaking Dawn? I cried...heehee. Any suggestions on books that you have read, liked and are similar to the Twilight saga books? Have you read Marked?

    Right now I'm reading Harry Potter. Trak suggested I read the books. She said I would like them. I haven't seen the movies yet but I have 1-5 on dvd. I won't watch the dvd's until I read the books. So far I am liking the first book. Have you read them?



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