Sunday, 22 February 2009


major internet and computer problems!!! be back with a full crafty update soon-ish!!!! :(

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  1. Hi Deann...Hope you and your little dinkie are feeling well now :)
    Sorry!!! for not popping over sooner Deann..Lovin catchin up with all your beauty..Hope you had a lovely night on your own watching your film...

    The printer I `m using at the mo is a cheap old CANON IP2000..(NOTHING SPECTACULAR)but quite reliable ...
    It takes compatable of course makes is sooo cost effective as apposed to my good EPSON PHOTO RX560 Which costs an arm and a bloody leg to fill with inks...So it only gets a little airing now and then..rofl...
    I am going to invest in a continuous ink system for the Epson tho because seriuosly even tho my canon is fab the qualitly and difference does show when I do my printing on them.
    The Epson is far better quality but it`s the inks!!!!!
    So now I`m off to remind my hubbie I need an ink system...
    Hope this helps you ..
    Have a lovely Evening my lovely one(((hugs))):)~X~


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