Friday, 27 February 2009


My friend doesnt live that far away from me by car but to walk it would take a while and its one hell of a huge hill!!!
Anyways a little while ago I decided to take a walk there and cut through the local green (of which I've never took) to her house, I took my camera just in case anything interesting was there and I took these two pictures, which I've played with on photoscape (freebie download) and I love them. The bridge is so pretty and the water current running under it is pretty rapid!! but it was way too slippy the day I went so I didnt bother leaning over to take a piccy for fear of slipping in!
Just thought I'd share a moment time with you
Hopefully i'll get to scrap these soon, I've been really 'off' layouts at the moment, and more into card making and getting my website up and running.
I have a new project for ECP which I need to send over to Lisa and our challenge blog has a new post as usual on Sunday evening.
Tel is out for his birthday with the lads tomorrow, a karting session first then hitting the bars! So Cazz is coming over and we is doing some crafting :) and of course food and I dare say baileys will be involved in that too.


  1. those pictures are beautiful dee - what a gorgeous place - have fun crafting and have a baileys for me too



  2. Oh what a gorgeous place to be Deann..Those views are beautiful..
    Hope you had fun crafting!!!


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