Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wall art

We've been looking for wall art for years really and are never truly happy with stuff out in the normal shops, I've had a wander around the amazing Etsy site and found these of which I ADORE

I use to love Art at school and although I craft alot with card making and scrapbooking sometimes it the art from school that I miss, like chucking paint around randomly and thoroughly enjoying it (although I have to say I'm sure me and buddy Danni use to have more of a whale of a time then we were suppose to lol - memories lol - we certainly threw some things together especially in pottery!!!)

Right I'm drifting off now lol anyways after all this art searching for our home I got a canvas out tonight and I have started on a mixed media piece of artwork!!! Watch this space, it may be great, it may well be crap but hey its still art right :)


  1. Awww thanks so much for having me on your blog!! ;)

    LOVE that painting :)

  2. I like the wall art by Lewas designs. Have you checked out They have some awesome wall art. I really like these...



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