Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief

I loved watching comic relief last night about the Kilimanjaro walk and wow I don't think I could do that, so I was well impressed and I must admit tears did flow
At Jacks school today they wore red, so last night I stayed up sewing these little blighters onNow Jack doesn't really like to be different or stand out, but he was fine with me sewing these on and found it quite fun! Until taking his coat off in school got the better of him and he became quite upset, so some calming down and an excellent teacher managed to sort him out. I stayed for assembly and heard the kids sing the comic relief song which was fabby :)

I took myself off after to my allotment to see what needed to be done ready to start the season. I forgot how much I'd done getting ready for now, so much already dug and just under cover, so the ground is keeping nice and warm ;)
Still a few more weeks before I want to put anything down as there's still ground frosts about, so I'll hold off a little while longer.

Cooked a fabby dinner tonight (well I thought so and Tel actually agreed with me) so I've popped the recipe over on our weight journal blog

Have a great weekend, we've plans for the zoo tomorrow and then Tel is away for two weeks working in Scotland :( back next weekend briefly for Mothers Day though :)
Gonna miss him tons x


  1. I really hate Comic Relief - it just achieves so little despite the efforts of so many people like you who give up so much time:

  2. well done hun - your little fella looks fantastic in his gorgeous t shirt.

    Having a good teacher makes all the difference doesnt it

    Well done on the diet too - pleased it is going so well



  3. Jack's T-Shirt looks ace chick! I'd have worn it! ;-)

    I watched the Kili climb too with Freya and we both shed a tear (well, I shed a tear and she sobbed her little heart out)


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