Friday, 27 March 2009

Fav Five Friday and theres more

Before I throw myself head first into the gorgeousness of my fav five on this great Friday morning, I'd like to share with you why its so great.

Today me and gorgeous fella are off for a whole long weekend of just the two of us :) yep just me and him, him and me from Friday to Monday. I surprised him with this on his birthday, we'll be staying in a cottage for just US woo hoo, so cannot wait, so I dare I will be non stop chatting about it the next time I blog.

So have a wonderful weekend tiddly peeps, and here's my fav five, I've gone a tad easter themed mission and found these all on Etsy (god I love it on there)

Tweet tweet - how adorable are these
Awww an ickle bunny house

Sooo bambi :)
How bold and bright are these
and of course Easter Eggs
Enjoy x


  1. FABulous fab 5! Have a super weekend with your gorgeous fella!!

  2. Have a `Fab` Weekend Deann...Yaah your fab 5 are great:)♥


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