Sunday, 8 March 2009


Had a great 'day' yesterday I didn't want the daytime to end :) the evening was a hoot too, myself and friends went to have food and catch a movie.
Food was great as always from The Park House and then after many a tear flowing of laughter we sat to watch this

Then to end the day of all good things, another 'great' happened but of a different kind! Two years I've being parking my car outside Cazz's house and last night it was broken into, I just hate the smashed glass and the fact someones done that to you, its even worse I feel because its not on a personal - I'll get you back level - its just pure chancers who think, lets see if she's got anything in her car attitude!
Now normally I never leave anything in the car but yesterday I needed the sat nav and guess what, yep, the morons took my new sat nav!
and of course it wouldn't be one of my stories without adding something else! it's not even my car, its my father in laws!!! :(

The police coming early this morning to fingerprint it, so have to make dash to Cazz's soon.
ttfn - a better day today :)

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  1. Oh Hun I am so sorry that this has happened to you - what a pain in the proverbial!

    Big Hug


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