Sunday, 22 March 2009

I've had a lovely weekend, sooo pleased Tel is home from working in Scotland but sad as he has to fly back up there tomorrow.
We went here there and everywhere yesterday from Pizza Hut to shopping to garden centres.
Whilst out I picked up a few items for my allotment (which is coming along great) and a couple bits of clothes which were all Mothers Day gifts, so I was very happy.

Jack woke me up at 6.30am by bouncing into the bedroom to wish me a Happy Mothers Day with a card he'd made at beavers, bless him. I had a lie in (sooo rare) but when I get the chance I never really take it, so it wasn't long till I was up and doing the normal bits of the morning.
Although a morning up the allotment certainly cleared out some cobwebs and the fresh air was fantastic - love it.
Planted all my onions today and then dug dug dug some more.
Hope your Mothers Day was a wonderful one too.
On a different note I'm not really a celebrity follower and Jade Goody wasn't really a favourite of mine, but she was a remarkable woman who has sadly died from something I'm sure all us women have worried about at some point. She was a mother too and my heart goes out to her family. Hopefully they'll be left to deal with their grief in privacy.
Just makes you want to hug your kids even more so xx

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