Sunday, 1 March 2009

New Blog!

Ooooh myself and my bestest buddie have started a new blog, about our weight loss and gain journey. We both needed something to kick us up the backside and sort ourselves out, so we decided on an online journal.
It will be updated regularly, even though we are both Slimming World junkies, we are mainly going to be cutting out the crap and putting the goodness back into our lifestyle. So we're hoping to share recipes and other fun stuff that you may want to read about :)

You can tag along and follow us through our journey or you can indeed if your in the same boat as us, join us, Tuesday night is our weigh in night, so two more sleeps to the official first step on the scales!! da da daaaaaa

We are called the Heffalumps Express and you can find us here

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  1. Great blog name! Good luck girls! I wish you both all the best. I'm also trying to lose weight. I have a nice sugar free and flour free brownie recipe that I'm going to email you. I make it whenever I'm craving for sweets.



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