Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Paper Bowl Tutorial

I recently made a quick and simple paper bowl and thought I'd share how I did it.
All you are going to need is one sheet of 12x12 patterned paper (choose a good thick quality patterned paper so it stays quite sturdy), cropadile, string or ribbon and scoring board and tool.

Firstly cut your patterned paper to 9x9" and score 2" on all four sides Fold all score lines to where they meet Pinch the corners together and using your cropadile punch a 3/16 hole Tie the corner holes together with your chosen ribbon or string and hey presto a neat little paper bowl to hold some chocolates, pot pourri or little crafty bits.
I got the inspiration to make this from one of my crafting books.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial chick! I'll have a go at making one of those me thinks!

    You could make a mini one with a piece of 8"x8" or 6"x6" too.


  2. Oh This is fab!!!Thanks for sharing...this would be great for the little ones eggs!!!(even mine)lol...
    Have a loverly Thursday Deann:)♥


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